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Creating a wonderful experience for your vacation doesn't happen by chance. It happens because we strive to make it a reality with magic in every detail.


Immediate response for you

Now everything is more convenient, easy, and simple through WhatsApp. We have provided you with immediate assistance via WhatsApp. It's now more convenient, easy, and simple. Just send us a message to the number: 998 122 1861. After sending us a message, you will need to choose from our menu of options the service or option you require, such as Guest Service.

Reservations, Events, Groups, or Tours.We remind you that all information used through this means is protected by our privacy notice.


We take you there for free

All guests of our hotel have included the transportation service of:
Hotel - Beach - Hotel

This service is subject to availability and established schedules* Book with us and schedule your transportation in advance* Restrictions apply*

Exclusive for Mafic Rate clients*
Hotel - Cancun International Airport.

This service only applies when booking your stay through our website: www.adharacancun.com or via WhatsApp* This service is subject to availability and schedule* Book with us and schedule your transportation in advance* Restrictions apply*

This service does not apply when booking with other travel agencies or websites outside of our aforementioned booking channels*

Free parking

We take you for free

As a valued guest, we want to ensure your comfort, safety, and peace of mind during your stay with us. Our parking facility offers a variety of benefits designed to enhance your overall experience:

Our parking area is conveniently located on-site, allowing you easy access to your vehicle throughout your stay. You can park your car just a few steps away from the hotel entrance, minimizing the hassle of searching for parking in crowded areas. Rest assured that your vehicle will be safe in our private parking as we have implemented comprehensive security measures, including surveillance cameras, regular patrols, and controlled access.


For people with reduced mobility

Discover our special rooms for people with reduced mobility. Designed with your comfort in mind, they feature adapted bathrooms, spacious areas, and specialized equipment. Our trained staff will provide assistance to ensure a worry-free stay. Reserve one of our rooms and enjoy the comfort and security you need. At Hotel Adhara Cancun, the inclusion and satisfaction of our guests are paramount.